The YogaFriends Team

Annette Arndt


Annette holds a university degree in Communicational Design from the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg. She has worked as a publicity designer. In 2003 she founded the O'Neill Surfschool in Fuerteventura. From 2008 on she decided to continue her designer career with her own firm Annette Arndt concept&communication www.annettearndt.com and also gained experience as an event manager www.koernerevent.de. Yoga lifestyle is a crucial pillar in her life. She is happy to live with her partner Miguel and son Max among the natural beauty and warm surroundings of Fuerteventura.


Annette started her yoga practise at the age of 18. She got hooked on the positive effect of Yoga on body and mind. Yoga has proven to be a natural and ideal progression for a sports fan with background in Tennis, Volleyball, mountain climbing and surfing. She is a qualified Yoga, Tennis and Surfing instructor and teaching comes natural to her.

Annette teaches Hatha Yoga with a teaching style that puts emphasis on body awareness, alignment, pranayama, meditation, calling on the philosophical roots of yoga and Sanskrit mantra. Her intention is to present the physical techniques of yoga in a simple yet engaging way.

Furthermore Annette is a meditation practicioner. She regularly immerses herself in Vipassana, which means "seeing the things as they really are".

Her hope is to contribute that yogis continue to soften their hearts, join together, break down the barriers that separate us, and send out love, light and healing to our planet.

Annette is registered with Yoga Alliance (US) as E-RYT-200 and RYT-500, she studied for her 500h qualification with Cyndi Lee and holds a diploma from OM Yogacenter NY.

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Miguel Aguirre


Miguel, originally from mainland Spain, holds an economists degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz.
He is a dedicated surfer since early age and travelled extensively four continents searching for waves.
Miguel enjoys designing and developing beautiful houses in Fuerteventura since 2001. www.aguirrecasa.com


Miguel started practicing Yoga during his studies in Santa Cruz, California 1992.

He travelled India for 18 months in the late 90´s and learned Vipassana meditation, taking many retreats from then till present. Miguel took Hatha Yoga Courses at Vedniketan Ashram, Rishikesh, International Yoga Academy, Varanasi, Sivananda Ashram, Kerala. He worked at Kalighat, one of Mother Teresa´s hospices Late 90s.

Miguel has been a Yoga teacher in the Canaries since 2000. He founded the Casa Yoga studio and has been teaching Yoga here from 2005 on, before we moved into the Yogastudio at Casa Yogafriends.

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Our Chef

Bastian Peters

Originary from Essen Germany, Bastian looks back on over 15 years of cooking experience, he studied to become a Chef in Germany and later honed his skills at various celebrated restaurants in the famous isle of Sylt for almost 10 years.

Surf lover, he came here to Fuerteventura around 2 years ago discovering new flavors of the Island and seeking harmony between textures and flavors in his dishes.

He adapts his cooking style to the holistic experience delivering exquisite vegan and vegetarian dinners.

In our retreats Bastian delights our guests from Saturdays till Thursday with his healthy but tasty cuisine.


Our retreat manager

Tanausu Herrera

Born on Fuerteventura, Tana is the only Canarian on our team ;) Tana is a passionate surfer, she moved to Lajares in Fuerteventura for the proximity of the waves of the North Shore.

She holds diplomas for Industrial engineering and Master in management control, she makes sure the retreat runs smoothly, takes care of contability, shopping, and overall administration.

Tana is always attentive to your needs and the team, she speaks english, german and spanish.


Viola Kostina

There is a belief that if once Yoga has changed your life completely, you should share this knowledge with as many people as possible. That's what I'm doing!

Somehow I never planned to become a yoga instructor, but life just pushed me into teaching. I spent 5 years as a top-manager of international company with crazy life schedule and 6-10 flights per month, as a result - allergy on stress. Regular yoga practice has cured me and I started getting deeper and deeper into the subject of yoga, and ended up in India. There I passed through a teacher's training and got my international certification.

After quitting the 'real job' I've founded the project "Violet Yoga" and started sharing my love and knowledge of yoga practice all around the world. I'm a strong believer that you can cure almost every disease (mental and physical) with the power of yoga, as this discipline has lots of different tools to offer. All you need is to choose the best suitable one for every particular case. That is the base of my approach as I love to teach personal and small group classes. That is the best way to create really beneficial sequence of asanas, pranayamas and mantras, and help the students to feel benefits of the practice in the very short period of time. Needless to say that I pay extra attention to the safety during performing all the asanas and other exercises during the class and have a special advanced certification for teachers in correct alignment and adjustments of the body in asanas. And as I often say - the hardest thing about yoga is to roll the mat! Namaste!

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Naomi Sturdy

Naomi has been teaching for over 10 years. She originally qualified as a Physical Education teacher with a great interest and passion for exercise, activity and a healthy lifestyle. After practicing Yoga and Pilates for many years Naomi set up her own business teaching both disciplines full time. Naomi has many years expeirence with physical training and balances this with a deep appreciation and experience in mental training to create an holistic approach to fitness and health.

When not on her mat or teaching, Naomi loves getting outdoors and rock climbing!

"At the core of my own practice and teaching is the concept of challenging ourselves to grow and learn. I feel that through taking time to connect to ourselves we can gain greater understanding, clarity and appreciation for ourselves and others. I believe that we each have a wealth of resources to deal with our lives effectively and live the lives that we love and enjoy.

My overall philosophy is that we can experience great happiness and this starts with ourselves. Through taking care of both our bodies and our minds we can really begin to live to our full potential."

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E-RYT 200 & RYT 500